Musical mindfulness brings together elements from music therapy and mindfulness, with the aim to support the development of sensory integration, breath and body awareness, motor skills, and relaxation skills. Musical mindfulness sessions are designed to accommodate different levels of development and offer a contained space where everyone can engage at their own pace.

The concept for musical mindfulness sessions developed out of long term work with children with complex sensory processing difficulties, and has since been expanded to suit a variety of groups. The interventions used in musical mindfulness sessions harness the benefits of breathing techniques, progressive body relaxation, mindful movement and visualisation, whilst the music supports and makes the interventions more accessible on deeper and non-verbal levels.


  • increasing body awareness
  • improving sensory regulation and integration
  • encouraging physical and mental relaxation
  • reducing anxiety and stress
  • developing motor skills
  • improving focus and attention
  • developing breath awareness


  • guided breathing to music
  • moving with the music
  • listening to music
  • relaxation and rest
  • focusing on the body and physical sensations
  • connection with a group of people

Please feel free to access pre-recorded musical mindfulness resources here. 

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