The resources offered here include a range of interactive activities to help with

  • movement
  • body awareness and proprioception
  • sensory integration
  • musical play and expression
  • social interaction
  • communication and language development

Are you ready to play?

Let's all play and stop!

Our gentle sounds

Around goes the beater

This is our body

Right hand up and down

My speech and language colleagues Toni and Gwyneth have joined me to sign along to some of my songs. Here are the videos if you would like to practise some signing.

Travel song

My little house

The things I like

Wonderful world

Rowing song

Here are a few additional video resources to practice signing and singing along with songs.

5 little monkeys

Old Mac Donald

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Incy Wincy Spider

This way to some animal songs!

Animal Boogie

Over in the meadow

Walking through the jungle

Farmyard Jamboree