Listening to music in a relaxed state can be an effective way to shift your state of mind or transport you into different worlds. The playlists below have been curated with different soundscapes in mind. The visualisations offered for each playlist are a suggestion, sit back, take a few breaths, maybe even close your eyes, and have a listen.

Sometimes I find it helpful to use music to support my yoga practice. Thoughtfully selected music can help to hold you in a space, whilst also allowing you to turn inwards a little more deeply. I put together my playlists according to the pace, shape, and energy of my practices.

Here are some musical visualisations which can help with rest, relaxation, and letting the mind travel to different places.

Here are a few more audio recordings of short guided meditations with different themes.

Golden Light

4:6 Breathing for relaxation and sleep

Emotional release meditation

Rainbow meditation

meadow meditation for rest and relaxation

Here are some of the guided meditations with added visuals.