Being able to work with a variety of approaches allows me to offer the most suitable package for specific goals. Whereas consistency and a reliable framework are essential, many clients benefit from a degree of flexibility within the personalised structure. An initial consultation offers a space to discuss individual goals or difficulties and collaboratively set up the most suitable structure.

At times it might also be helpful to have sessions indoors as well as in nature settings. For example being able to experience mindfulness outside and connecting with nature offers a an additional element to different types of personal development work.

As well as being able to offer weekly blocks of therapy sessions to institutions such as schools, care homes, or hospices, there are also many benefits to using music therapy and yoga based methods for staff wellbeing and team building. Bespoke training in the inclusive use of music can be a great way to add to the repertoire of skills across an institution. One-off sessions or a series of sessions can be organised, depending on the specific aims.

For individuals

  • Combination of in-person and online sessions
  • Focused personal development sessions
  • Body & Mind package
  • Indoor/outdoor therapy and wellbeing

For institutions

  • Weekly half day/full day packages with a set number of sessions
  • Training on therapeutic and interactive use of music
  • Team workshops for bespoke topics
  • Wellbeing packages