I am one of a few therapists trained in The Continuum Model of GIM, which allows me to offer a variety of methods to address particular therapeutic needs at different points in the therapy. Sessions can range from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the ongoing process and particular aim of the session. GIM and the continuum model offer a set of methods to help with

  • personal development
  • difficult life situations and transitions
  • relationship difficulties
  • stress, depression and anxiety
  • chronic pain and illness
  • relaxation and wellbeing
  • emotional exploration

Music and Imagery (MI) experiences encourage stronger connections with inner strengths or areas of tension and difficulty. The interventions encourage deepening and staying with a given experience to invite increased understanding.

MI methods can help with

  • building inner strength
  • rediscovering personal resources
  • grounding during challenging times
  • increasing understanding of personal patterns

Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) encourages expansive exploration on a deeper level and is suitable for clients who are fairly resourced and connected to their inner world.


GIM can help with

  •   exploring previously unvisited areas of consciousness
  •   increasing intuitive understanding on a deeper level
  •   facilitating transcendental experiences

To read how GIM and the continuum model helped a client with life changes and transitions, have a look below or here, in one of my publications in the BAMT Leading Note.